Generator DUO FORTE

Generator DUO FORTE

Best used for the following body parts:

feethip, pelvis, genitalschest, abdomenhandsbackhead and neckwhole body
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Description of the DUO FORTE generator, suitability for use:

The DUO FORTE generator is the most modern type of generator. Each disease has its own program combining different frequencies and shapes of pulses.

You can select the intensity and length of the application on the generator and select a different program for each applicator. Frequently used programs can be saved in the "Favorites" folder and then easier to run with the appropriate settings for application length and magnetic field strength.

DUO FORTE Generator Parameters:

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Using the magnetotherapeutic device is simple

Simply place the applicator on your body, run the programme and let the magnetotherapy work

Demonstration of the use of the magnetotherapy device Renaissance

Demonstration of the use of the magnetotherapy device Renaissance

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Contraindications for the use of magnetotherapy: electronic medical equipment, during pregnancy, bleeding. More about contraindications here.
Read the operating instructions before use.
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The Duo Forte magnetotherapy medical device is a device designed for treatment with a low-frequency magnetic field in the home and clinical environment. Duo Forte is applicable to treatment in physiotherapy, also focusing on specific health problems.
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