Female orgasm and low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy

Magnetotherapy – the “blue pill” for women?

Reams have been written about female orgasm, especially in recent years. But humanity has been fascinated by this phenomenon since the ancient time. For example, the ancient Greeks considered it a necessary condition for pregnancy, and recent research has confirmed that it really helps it to some extent. It acts as a natural antidepressant and helps relieve stress.

In general, we distinguish between vaginal and clitoral female orgasm. Both of these stimulation methods are well connected and mutually supportive in many women, but in others they can only act independently and can interfere with each other. The orgasms caused by them may have different experience qualities. A significant number of women can have orgasm only by stimulating the clitoris, while its induction through vaginal stimulation is not successful.

Achieving and experiencing an orgasm in women is determined by far more factors than in men. Leaving aside the psychological conditions and focusing on the physiological ones, we must mention in particular good blood flow to the genitals, sufficient lubrication and also an increase in stimulation of sensory nerve endings. During the arousal phase, an increased amount of blood begins to flow into the genitals, the clitoris and labia become puffy and the mucous membranes become wet. By stimulating the clitoris and vaginal wall, the local and central nervous systems are alerted, and orgasm may occur after some time. It’s felt as recurrent contractions in the anterior third of the vagina. These contractions take place in the puffing of the vagina wall, also known as the orgasmic cuff, and in the muscles around the vaginal opening. They are also transmitted to the rectum and uterus.

Many female users of the Renaissance low-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy have described an interesting thing – after applying the device to the small pelvis area (sitting on the flat applicator), they subsequently achieved orgasm, even vaginal, while having sex with a partner in much easier and faster way. The use of magnetotherapy didn’t even have to immediately precede sexual intercourse, these effects occurred even 2-3 hours after the application. Pulse magnetotherapy has a significant effect on blood circulation. Its effect will increase blood circulation by basically the same mechanism used by the famous “blue pill” – it strengthens the effect of the nitric oxide produced by the body on the walls of the blood vessels, therefore causing vasodilation (widening of blood vessels). Grandly said, pulse magnetotherapy is a sort of “Viagra for women”, but without its unpleasant side effects, such as oedema of the nasal mucous membranes or dangerous decrease of blood pressure with the possibility of collapse.

Another positive effect is to improve lubrication to the vaginal mucosa by increasing the production of moisturising fluid through the glands that are located in the area of the vaginal opening. Nerve endings stimulation, which are richly interwoven with female genitalia, also leads to achieving orgasm in an easier way. Nerve tissue is one of the most sensitive in the human body to the magnetic field, because the tissue itself produces weak electrical impulses. Increasing its stimulation is very important for sexual arousal and subsequent orgasm.

Satisfied sex life is an integral part of partner life and therefore also part of a broader definition of physical and social health. Therefore, you can enjoy pleasant moments not only during relaxation during the application of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy, but also after it.

MUDr. Václav Cikánek

Female orgasm and low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy

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