Safe and effective magnetic field therapy

  • Do you suffer from limited mobility and joint problems?
  • Do you have back or neck pain, or pain in other parts of your body?
  • Do you want to get rid of swelling, inflammation or acne?
  • Do you have migraines, suffer from insomnia, or feel exhausted?
  • Do you need to solve your health problems?
  • Do you need to regenerate, strengthen immunity and support prevention?

Get Renaissance magnetotherapeutic instrument and start your treatment and regeneration wherever you need it right away.

What can magnetotherapy help you with?

Take a look at the complete list of diagnoses and health problems that Magnetotherapy can help you with.

Magnetotherapeutic devices for professionals and for home use

We present and offer certified Renaissance magnetotherapeutic devices directly from the manufacturer. We offer the best price, fast delivery, expert advice, customer care, a personal approach, extended warranty and service.
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Contraindications for the use of magnetotherapy: electronic medical equipment, during pregnancy, bleeding. More about contraindications here.
Read the operating instructions before use.
Magnetotherapy devices Renaissance
The Duo Forte magnetotherapy medical device is a device designed for treatment with a low-frequency magnetic field in the home and clinical environment. Duo Forte is applicable to treatment in physiotherapy, also focusing on specific health problems.
We meet all standards for medical devices. We offer warranty, service and customer support and care.
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