Technical Parameters

Pulse generator DUO FORTE

Input 7–20 VA (according the applicator used)
Attached part type BF
Prescribed power source 18 V = from adapter
Guaranteed frequency range 1–100 Hz
Maximal magnetic field induction 40 mT
Shape of impulses rectangular
Ambient temperature during operation +10 to +40 °C
Relative air humidity during operation 40–80 % at +30 °C
Storage and transport dry environment, temperature +2 °C to +40 °C, air humidity max. 75%, atmospheric pressure 84–107 kPa
Dimensions 175 × 90 × 28 mm
Weight 280 g
Alarm messages acoustic + information on the screen
End of application acoustic + information on the screen
Time of application 1–90 minutes

Network adapter for Duo Forte pulse generator

Supply network voltage 100–240 V / 50 Hz
Insulation class of device II.
Environment ordinary
Type UE24WV-180130SPA
Secondary voltage and current 18 V=/1300 mA
Input 24 VA
Weight 160 g
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