Magnetotherapy and sport

Regeneration acceleration after training load

The pulsed magnetic field increases the activity enzymes degrading lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles during exercise. This will shorten the time for organism regeneration after exercise and prevent muscle stiffness or painful contractures and cramps that magnetotherapy works against. Combination with massages is recommended.

Warming up and blood supply before training or match

Pulse magnetic field has significant effects on blood circulation and, therefore, its application is very suitable for warming up and supplying blood especially in problematic parts (ankles, knees, groin etc.) or where there has been an injury in the past (analgesic regime or P9 programme is recommended ten minutes before the start of physical exercise).

Painkilling effect

Magnetotherapy can be used for all types of injuries in connection with pain, as it has significant analgesic effects. It has also demonstrated its effectiveness during a match or contest by quickly removing pain from minor injuries and contusions, stretched muscles and ligaments, cramps, etc., allowing players to get back to the match. However, attention should be paid to bleeding of any origin. Magnetic field increases the blood flow to the tissues, hence the bleeding could in some cases increase.

Oedema elimination, twisted ankles, sprains

Improving blood circulation and microcirculation in exposed tissue and increasing its metabolism leads to faster oedema absorption. In addition, direct action on the underlying cause (injured muscle, connective tissue or other tissue or other causes) will impede the reason for its development. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of pulsed magnetic fields will also demonstrate its benefits.

Joint injuries

Magnetotherapy is ideal for all types of joint injuries. Its action accelerates the healing of both soft tissues and damaged ligaments and cartilage. On average, treatment duration is reduced by a third, and can be combined with any other treatment method, except for electrotherapy.

Stretched or torn ligaments and muscles, especially in the ankle, knee and groin area

Pulse magnetotherapy removes pain, but mainly speeds up and facilitates healing damaged tissues. Its regular application is important, the player should be able to use it at home. Warning – these injuries are tricky and need their treatment needs to be completed, i.e. to use magnetotherapy for at least 14 days after symptoms have subsided.

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Contraindications for the use of magnetotherapy: electronic medical equipment, during pregnancy, bleeding. More about contraindications here.
Read the operating instructions before use.
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