Magnetotherapy and home care

The main advantages of using a magnetotherapeutic device for home care

For a description of the magnetotherapy effects, see About magnetotherapy.
Possibilities of using magnetotherapeutic devices for specific health issues and diagnoses can be found in the Therapeutics effects section.

On which areas of the body can you use magnetotherapy?
feet hip, pelvis, genitals chest, abdomen hands back head and neck whole body

You can apply magnetotherapy in a sitting or lying position, alone or in pairs, with another member of the household.

Example of using the applicator on the back lying down
Example of using the circular applicator sitting on the knee
Example of the application of magnetotherapy simultaneously for two people
Example of using the applicator sitting on the shoulder

During the application of magnetotherapy you can read, watch TV, listen to the radio, perform activities that are not physically demanding, or ideally just relax.

The best selling magnetotherapy devices for a wide range of uses

Complete sets
VIVA set

VIVA set

Most people use a magnetotherapy device for sore and damaged joints and back. VIVA set consists of ideal components which fit this purpose. It can be used for most issues magnetotherapy issues.

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This set offers a true maximum use values of low-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy.

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Contraindications for the use of magnetotherapy: electronic medical equipment, during pregnancy, bleeding. More about contraindications here.
Read the operating instructions before use.
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The Duo Forte magnetotherapy medical device is a device designed for treatment with a low-frequency magnetic field in the home and clinical environment. Duo Forte is applicable to treatment in physiotherapy, also focusing on specific health problems.
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