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To improve our provided services, we use Cookies on our webpage. Cookies are small files which save information in your browser and commonly serve to distinguish individual users Based on this information person is not recognizable.

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Cookies used on our webpages can be divided (according to their durability) into two main categories. Short-term (also known as session Cookies), which are only temporary and are stored on your browser only until you shut it down, and long-term (also known as persistent Cookies) which are stored on your device much longer or until you delete them from your browser (time of storage on your device depends on set up of the Cookie itself and your browser settings.

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Some of the Cookies can gather information which are subsequently used by third part companies and which for instance directly support our advert activities (also known as third part companies’ Cookies). For instance information about products bought by visitors of our webpages can be displayed by advert agency to better customisation of displaying internet advert banners on webpages you visit. Along these data you cannot be identified.

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The use of Cookies can be set up via your browser. Most of the browsers receive Cookies automatically also in the initial settings. The use of Cookies can be either refused or adjusted for only some of them in your browser.

Information about browsers and the way to pre-set Cookies can be found on the following webpages:
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Be careful! By blocking Cookies you limit the functionality of some of our apps. Some services will not be functional.

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