What is magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy is a treatment method consisting in magnetic field effects with the right biotropic parameters (frequency, intensity, gradient, shape of pulses, etc.) on the human body. This magnetic field has regenerative effects and speeds up healing, removes pain, improves blood flow and works against inflammation and swelling. If applied regularly on a long-term basis, it can palliate and even remove many diseases, decrease medication intake and strengthen immunity.

Magnetic field is generated by an electric current going through a conductor or coil. Toroidal magnetic field lines are created around the conductor. If there’s a pulsed electric current going through the conductor, pulsed magnetic field is created in its vicinity. And conversely, if a living nervous, muscle, or other cell is exposed to a changing magnetic field, a weak flowing electric current appears in that cell. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction and plays an important role in explaining the magnetic field effects on a living organism (more information).

Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is an established and widely recognised treatment method, which has been used intensively by medical science for half a century. However, in recent years it has undergone a dramatic development. The most recent clinical studies clearly prove that pulse magnetotherapy bring the best results along with long-term regular use. This is why modern medicine promotes use of this treatment in home care all over the world.

The latest treatment sets for low-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy from the Renaissance family are modern, certified medical devices designed for home use as well as in physiotherapy practice. Its technological advancement, high efficiency, ease of use and ergonomic design meet the most demanding requirements of contemporary medicine.

The best selling magnetotherapy devices for a wide range of uses

Complete sets
VIVA set

VIVA set

Most people use a magnetotherapy device for sore and damaged joints and back. VIVA set consists of ideal components which fit this purpose. It can be used for most issues magnetotherapy issues.

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This set offers a true maximum use values of low-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy.

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Contraindications for the use of magnetotherapy: electronic medical equipment, during pregnancy, bleeding. More about contraindications here.
Read the operating instructions before use.
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The Duo Forte magnetotherapy medical device is a device designed for treatment with a low-frequency magnetic field in the home and clinical environment. Duo Forte is applicable to treatment in physiotherapy, also focusing on specific health problems.
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